Juvenile Punishment System in View of the Need for Education and Reintegration


  • Jola Bode Assoc. Prof., University of Tirana, Faculty of Law




Punishment system, Juvenile Criminal Code, Punishment classification, Non-custodial sentence, Freedom restriction.


Due to age and development stage, juveniles enjoy a special status in relation to adult persons. The status as a juvenile in the criminal field raises the request for treatment in accordance with the physical-psychic characteristics of the juvenile and his educational needs. The punishment system is an important component of the criminal justice system for juveniles. As such, it must respond to requests for a special treatment consistent with the personality of juveniles and individual education needs. This system should be oriented towards the goal of education and rehabilitation of the juvenile. In accordance with the international standards of juvenile justice and contemporary legislation, the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania (CC) has sanctioned a number of rules that allow for special treatment for juveniles in the area of the punishment system. Despite the positive aspects, the provisions of the Code were insufficient in view of the requirements of international standards and the need for education and reintegration. The legal reform which also included the criminal justice system for juveniles brought a number of changes in the area of juvenile punishment system too. With the entry into force of the Juvenile Criminal Code (JCC) it was possible to establish a special and autonomous system of penalties applicable to juvenile offenders. The implementation of this system serves a friendly juvenile justice aimed at avoiding the negative effects of imprisonment and tends towards social rehabilitation and reintegration. This study discusses the novelties brought by JCC in terms of the meaning, classification and determination of juvenile sentence system and it will be reflected in relation to the challenges of the effective implementation of the provisions relating to the punishment system. Conclusions will also be drawn regarding the compliance of this system with the request for special treatment of juvenile perpetrators and the need for integration and reintegration.




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