Pluralist Albania- Religious Tolerance or Peaceful Coexistence?


  • Renata Tokrri PhD, Lecturer, University "Aleksandër Moisiu",Durrës, Albania



religious tolerance, religious coexistence, religious pluralism, the principle of secularity of the state.


It has been noted that the whole history of man has been marked by religion, in particular the Albanian one by three religions and four religious denominations: the Sunni one, to which the majority of the population belongs, the Bektashi Sufis, which is a very moderate branch of the Islam, the Orthodox and Catholics. Over the centuries, Albania has become a multi-religious society, but what is singular is that despite profound differences in religion the Albanians have always lived together in peace, the country has never known extremism, conflict or war of religion. Several authors have tried to identify the source and reasons for this exemplary harmonious coexistence that still reigns in the country, but the real reason is still a matter of dispute among intellectuals. It is certainly the answers can only be found in history.




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