Interdisciplinary Computing: An Epistemological Examination and Proposed PLOs


  • Antoine Melki
  • Amine Bitar



interdisciplinary, computing, epistemological, examination, PLOs


The increase in the number of institutions offering degrees in interdis ciplinary computing raises a set of questions at the epistemological level. A set of questions is raised: is any integration of computing with some other field a representation of interdisciplinarity? What are the limits of enabling? What are the requirements of integration? Does the product of interdisciplinary computing remain computer science? These questions are urgent and answers should be provided especially that the number of such degrees is increasing accompanied by a growing demand on these jobs, as reflected on jobs and opportunities websites. A definition for interdisciplinary computing is needed. This paper attempts to answer these questions based on the huge literature available on interdisciplinarity in general, and interdisciplinary computing in specific. Special reference to career opportunities will be made. The study will be completed using document analysis examining the related documents as the data source of a qualitative research. A phenomenological study will be used to understand the meaning different schools are appropriating to interdisciplinarity. Enough documents will be consulted to extract the common themes and build a sufficient data set of emerging themes to validate the findings. While the phenomenological study aims at describing the essence interdisciplinary computing, grounded theory methods will be used to formulate a definition. As a result of this study is expected to better inform on the design and understanding of how different schools are managing their offering.Some explanatory, exploratory, or descriptive case study involving multiple types of data sources will be explored to acquire a deep understanding and provide support of the findings. The paper concludes with a proposed set of PLOs for interdisciplinary computing and reflecting its educational aspects and respecting technical norms.




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Melki, A., & Amine Bitar. (2021). Interdisciplinary Computing: An Epistemological Examination and Proposed PLOs. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 7(1), 36–47.