Social Media and its Impact on Decision Making for Trip


  • Irma Shyle
  • Vjollca HYSI (PANAJOTI)



social media, internet, decision making, tourism, consumers


Social networks are not a new phenomenon of the human community. Social communication tools represent a revolution in terms of the possibility of publicity for enterprises. In this way mechanisms of social networks have not only changed the instruments, but also the communication. Social media is not focused exclusively on the development platform of promotion and communication, but also in the implementation of services to create new business opportunities and career. Professional groups present in networks are often closed and specifically dedicated towards specific groups in order to achieve defined objectives and set by direction of the company that benefit from these platforms. Social communications tools represent a revolution in terms of publicity opportunities for enterprises. Social media is becoming the key marketing tool for organizations who manage tourist destinations, in this way having a major impact on tourism markets. The role which social media is playing in various aspects of life is becoming increasingly every day, especially in areas such as social interaction and cultural and educational aspects of our lives. Social media are becoming important tools in marketing management for companies of tourist destinations, having a major impact on tourism markets. The arrival of new technologies such as social media have made it possible to change the way consumers seek information on their buying decisions. Ease of use, flexibility and interactivity offered by these social sites makes it easy for customers to get information that after all generate sales. These interactive web pages that have the status of social communities encourage consumers to interact with the community, strengthening prospects of customers. This will be resulted in customers who visit the community more often to get the desired information (Poon, A. 1993). With advices or knowledge that they get from the community they build the perception of destination and are used for making decisions by consumers. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the use of social media and the impact of social media in the decision making to travel by consumers choosing Albanian.




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Shyle, I., & Vjollca HYSI (PANAJOTI). (2015). Social Media and its Impact on Decision Making for Trip. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(1), 8–15.