Reflections on Movement Patriotic in Elbasan in the Years 1909-1910


  • Majlinda Peza



Hyrriet, Young Turks, Congress Monastir, Club poor.


The development of education in the Albanian territories under Ottoman Empire witnessed a rapid evolution after the announcement of Hyrjetit (the Turkish Constitution of 1908). Thus, in the years 1909-1910 patriotic movement in the Albanian territories will mark a new phase of her, revealed at the opening of schools and courses in Albanian language in the new conditions of constitutional freedoms. In this period, through the organization of the Congress of Monastir displayed in 1908, was unveiled final resolution of the case and the use of a common alphabet writing Albanian language. But despite such a situation, Albanians will not enjoyed for a long period of so-called constitutional freedom. The Young Turks (Young Turks) newly consolidated their political positions in the Ottoman Empire, tried with any form to prevent the spread of great little bit he received learning Albanian. In the years 1909 - 1910, the Albanian National Movement difficulties faced even greater. Through this work we aim to highlight not only the achievements of the patriotic movement in the region of Elbasan Albanian education center, but most are focused on coverage of issues; obstacles and difficulties faced by the patriotic movement in this region in the years 1909-1910. The Young Turks use of all forms and, using all opportunities to curb educational movement in the region of Elbasan, using new tactics more sophisticated you put sticks under the Elbasan Patriots wheels. But it must be said that at the same time, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the Albanian patriotic movement, contradictions and differences that existed between the Albanian political elite of the time. Meanwhile, in moments when new tactics did not give the expected result, they turned to old methods of violence and terror.




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