Injustice: Revealing Human Rights Issues in Ali Akbar Navis's Short Fiction


  • Ferdinal Ferdinal



Injustice, Human Rights, Ali Akbar Navis, Short Fiction


Ali Akbar Navis was among satirical writers in Indonesian literature. He was concerned about what his nation had struggled with its democratization process. Navis's works are generally his responses to what was directly going on around him. They mostly represent his concerns about sociopolitical problems, which were significant at the time, he wrote them. They serve for Navis as a tool to protest against injustice and a way of communicating his disagreement with any elements that violate such rights, including the government. This study elucidates what sociopolitical events he disagrees and how he delivers his disagreement.




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Ferdinal, F. (2015). Injustice: Revealing Human Rights Issues in Ali Akbar Navis’s Short Fiction. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(1), 126–132.