Modernization of tax structure in Kosovo


  • Remzi Smajli



tax system, change, economy, modernization


An advantage in stabile economic balance in different countries is undoubtedly the form of fiscal system. Transformation towards modernization of the tax administration can undoubtedly bring favor the development of the economy with special emphasis on small business and middle. Fundamental changes that must occur in the tax structure redistribution of the tax burden and broaden the tax base. However leaders in this area requires special attention because this hypothesis is quite challenging because of the possible consequences. The main directions should have the right tax policy orientation; change in structure between direct and indirect taxes and tax structure right from the central or local level decentralization of tax power. Efficient functioning of the tax administration services and providing suitable conditions for fulfillment by taxpayers is the challenge of the tax system in Kosovo. One of the prerequisites of the efficiency of the tax system, in addition to organizational activities is the provision of modern information system, on which the tax administration of Kosovo should be on the cutting edge. This will simultaneously be the topic of discussion in my next paper for the Conference




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