Legal Justice and Historical Aspects of the Appearance of Criminality


  • Mevledin Mustafi



Legal Justice, Historical Aspects, Appearance of Criminality


Criminality as a negative and dangerous social phenomenon presents a social occurrence manifested in different forms during the entire course of human history. Historically, it has been proved that since the ancient times of existence of human society, since primitive community, there have been not only deviations, but also other forms of excessive behavior through breaking the rules, values and social relations of life where they existed. However, the forms of breaking such behavioral rules and the manner of reaction towards these behaviors have changed during the course of development of human communities in accordance to economic ties and as a result also to those cultural. With time passing and the emergence of classes in societies, as well as due to the influence of economic conditions in the life of all members of organized society within a state, crime became a more massive social phenomenon. Thus, in order to successfully develop the fight against it, within class societies emerged a special instrument: the law through which certain behaviors were regulated.




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