Slum Kampong Tourism “Jakarta Hidden Tour”: Designing Eco-Cultural Based Pro-Poor Tourism


  • Retnayu Prasetyanti



Pro-poor tourism, Jakarta Hidden Tour, Thematic based Kampong, Development, Slum Kampong tourism, Sustainability.


Forecasts of high tourism development in Jakarta, Indonesia, where massive poverty cases also exist, has directed tourism as a way of alleviating poverty; this is usually termed “pro-poor tourism” which involves multi variant stakeholders and interests. Jakarta has widespread poor areas called “slum Kampongs”, where government and business sectors are supported by international development agencies have tried to tackle down poverty by economy-community (eco-community) based development programs. However, distinguished from those programs, slum kampong development based pro-poor tourism is yet unsupported by bureaucracy agencies. “Jakarta Hidden Tour” (see “Jakarta Hidden Tour” in Trip Advisor) a “wild” tour activity which is promoted by community movement led by Ronny Poluan indicates a term of economy and cultural (eco-cultural) based slum kampong tourism that basically can pursue a better community development and economy condition through a unique culture and real life portrait experience. This paper analyses the dilemma of “Jakarta Hidden Tour” which is claimed as a poor exhibition while in another hand tries to offer a new design and approach of pro-poor tourism by utilizing thematic Kampong development with local culture excellences as such “Green Slum Kampong in Ciliwung river”, or “Sailor Slum Kampong in North Jakarta”. Key learn from Brazil with slum kampong tourism in Santa Marta is a motivation for government to live a recognition, that like any other global/industrial policies, tourism is highly driven by political interest. By conducting a system thinking perspective base, this paper analyses how “Jakarta Hidden Tour” and government’s supporting policy will ensure eco-cultural pro-poor tourism development and how stakeholders as a system’s element need to uphold poverty alleviation towards sustainability




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Prasetyanti, R. (2015). Slum Kampong Tourism “Jakarta Hidden Tour”: Designing Eco-Cultural Based Pro-Poor Tourism. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(3), 98–108.