Public Spaces in the Focus of Citizen’s Right - Case Study – Urban Spaces Tirana


  • Sazan Guri



Public Spaces, Citizen’s Right, Urban Spaces, Tirana [1] March 2010, Marin Barleti publishing, Prof. Asc. Sazan Guri, Environmental Science and its basis.


Syndrome of built environment and civil perception. The article pays attention to solving the problems of natural environments, as well as altered and/or artificial ones taking Tirana as a case study. It reviews the application of practical solutions to everyday problems of environment, where theory, research and application are integrated, but mostly using their unification as the eclectic model in order to show the interaction between man and environment. The article reviews the way we are a product of our environment, our biology or the interaction of both. It shares the way we are affected by physical environment, such as noise and built environment. In addition, it also examines the way we may modify our environment through design principles, such as aesthetics, and the way we change our environment, when we disregard the impact that people and/or elements have in our ecological system. It provides ideas on the impact of micro and macro-environment of Tirana metropolis, including their short-term and long-term effects. Firstly, a historical context is provided and central methods of discipline research are presented. Then, its is presented the position of environment in Tirana, the values, ethics and principles that apply to environmental assessment, models of perception and knowledge, including the way we process and maintain environmental information, and the main theories of man-environment interaction. Then, a variety of environmental impacts, such as: noise, urban design, urban construction (including pollution effects), collection (overpopulation) and city life are examined, as well as the way they influence us. In the end, considerations are given on the way that these principles of psychology may be applied at home, in institutions (i.e. schools), at work and at leisure premises, by concluding with the concepts of the way we may change our attitude which harms environment[1].




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Guri, S. (2015). Public Spaces in the Focus of Citizen’s Right - Case Study – Urban Spaces Tirana. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(3), 181–193.