Witness Protection in Kosovo: Progress and Challenges


  • Kadri Arifi




witness protection, legislation, Kosovo, criminal procedure


The role and importance of the witnesses in criminal procedure in fighting serious and organized crime, corruption, terrorism and preserving the public security have continuously increased. Law enforcement institutions increasingly face with difficulties in the process of proving criminal acts in the judicial processes because of their complexity in providing sufficient evidence during the criminal investigation procedure. Therefore, besides the reactive investigation methods and application of special crime investigation measures, establishing a legal infrastructure and capacities for the implementation of witness protection concept is necessary as well. Kosovo government and institutions declared fight and prevention of all forms of organized crime, corruption and terrorism as a priority and up to now, it was evaluated that a great job was done in drafting legislation and strategic documents in the law enforcement field as well as increasing the operational capacities of law enforcement institutions. Regarding the witness protection in Kosovo, progress is achieved in improving legislation and establishing special structures for implementation of witness protection programs, but still remain some challenges that Kosovo law enforcement institutions face such as international cooperation and geographic, cultural and social specifics.




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