Supervision and Control of Local Governance in the Republic of Kosovo


  • Mervete Shala
  • Skender Shala



local governance, autonomy, supervision, control,good governance


In this paper we have treated supervision and control of local governance in context of fair governance in Republic of Kosovo. Analyse of law framework and European standards of governance autonomy of local self-governance and administrative supervision of local governance. Treating of supervision of local authority governance and the main mechanism of government for legal administrative review of local authority governance and legality as well as the rights of the supervising authority for administrative review of legality of general acts of municipalities. The purpose of this paper is to analyse and tackle the challenges of supervision and control of local government institutions in Kosovo.The mandate and powers of the central government to review the legality of local authorities in the field of enhanced competencies and the legality and appropriateness of their scope of activities of in the field of delegated powers. The challenges of preserving the autonomy of local self-government and local government supervision by the central authorities. One of the challenges of the supervisor in the future will be to supervise and control of municipalities with extended competences (municipalities with Serb majority), shall these municipalities consider requirements to be review the unlawful acts and harmonize them with the applicable legislation in Kosovo. The methodology of the paper will be mixed, such as: as comparative methods, descriptive, requesting explanatory, predictive.




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Shala, M., & Skender Shala. (2016). Supervision and Control of Local Governance in the Republic of Kosovo. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(1), 28–38.