Council of Europe and Its Priorities on the Reform of the Legal System in Albania


  • Lorenc Danaj
  • Lisien Damini
  • Evis Celo



"achieving a closer collaboration between its Member States to maintain and promote the ideals and principles that constitute their common property in their social and economic development "' [1] See Article 1, paragraph a) of the Statute of the Council


After the Second World War in all international organizations, it was created a spirit of overall giving a fundamental importance to the recognition and the guaranteeing of human rights. These organizational initiatives by then tried to avoid what had just happened, that according their existence results precisely to the goals of peace and friendly relations increasingly between them. In such circumstances setting out the principles on which relations between Member States of European council should support. Which supports the Council of Europe and in its efforts Albania has responded to the essential changes that apparently occurred in its legal system within the country. The Council of Europe has played an essential role for countries like Albania with typical character which aspired to adopt new reforms on the international stage but based on their a regional level. Following the principles and objectives enunciated in the UN Charter as well as the spirit that pervades today regarded as a universal catalog of human rights, Albania more than anyone else had some-century clash conflict. Council of Europe had defined its key purpose in his status founded and signed on 5 May 1949 in London, called the Treaty of London which states




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Danaj, L., Damini, L., & Celo, E. (2016). Council of Europe and Its Priorities on the Reform of the Legal System in Albania. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(2), 149–153.