The Representation of Women in Turkish Local Governments


  • Pinar Savaş Yavuzçehre
  • Mısra Ciğeroğlu-Öztepe



Turkey, Local Governments, Women, Representation, Women’s Studies.


Turkey is one of the countries which has the lowest representation of women in local governments (LGs) in the world. While in many countries, women are more successful to participate in local political decision-making processes, the situation is vice versa in Turkey. The tendency of women to participate in politics at both national and local level is quite low in the country and this arises from several reasons such as the cultural and patriarchal structure of the country, the roles attributed to women by society, the insufficiency of women's education level etc. In this framework, this study aims to evaluate the representation of women in the LGs in Turkey. In this context, the theoretical framework is examined and the data and statistics regarding the issue are analyzed. Our analysis reveals that despite the efforts to increase the political representation of women in LGs, the invisibility of women in LGs is still a significant issue in the country.




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Yavuzçehre, P. S., & Ciğeroğlu-Öztepe, M. (2016). The Representation of Women in Turkish Local Governments. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(2), 154–163.