Study of the Effective Factors on Air Pollution in Iran Cities


  • Saeede Safari Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch.



words: Air pollution, Fossil fuels, Greenhouse gases. Jel cod: Q56, R4, C22


Nowadays, air pollution in cities with regard to its harmful outcomes has been turned in to one of the serious challenges in urban management. Carbon dioxide emission is one of the most principal factors in the environmental pollution, the world efforts are concentrated to reduce it due to its devastating effects on climatic change and global warming. In the current research, the effective factors on air pollution in Iranian cities were studied, considering CO2 emission level as the pollution index in the period 1993-2013 and for analyze effective factors, econometrics models were applied. The research findings demonstrated, with increase per capita income and Urbanization rate, air pollution, has been increased. Also Study of the effective factors on cities air pollution in Iran showed that per capita oil and natural gas products consumptions have a significant positive effect on CO2 emission while per capita natural gas consumption had a more important effect (4.04 percent compared to 3.4 percent). Therefore, important sources of energy in Iran, which oil and natural gas products, were found as the most dominant factors in air pollution. Thus, the necessity of current energy carriers’ replacement by clean energy sources as solar energy and geothermal energy is emphasized.




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Safari, S. (2016). Study of the Effective Factors on Air Pollution in Iran Cities. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(3), 41–50.