Restoration in Objects and the Methodology of Intervention


  • PhD. Otjela Lubonja European University of Tirana



degradation, partial restoration, overall restoration, time transformation, construction volume


The purpose of the study is to highlight some of the ways of intervention that can be applied in various objects. In this study they treated theory- practical issues dealing with ways of intervention and essential elements in an object. Regards restoration as complex discipline which aims to value the monument as an historical proof. It’s a monument evaluation by considering the appropriate amount to the component of historical document. Each population even each period of its historical development contains the ethnical and temporal stamp. The experience of our country in the restoration of popular dwelling makes possible that within the basis of achieved realizations other important criterion should be highlighted. The popular dwelling is distinguished for huge transformation that has passed throughout time. Each monument changes throughout time, but popular dwellings being a category directly connected to socio-economical conditions reflects those conditions. The dwelling is a construction with intensive and continuous exploitations which remains same even after being labeled as a monument. In the construction relatively weak materials and techniques are being used, highlighting the degradation of its constructive and architectonical elements. - Some of the problems we are going to treat are: Positions that should be held towards the changes that has passed the dwelling over time. 1.The partial or overall restoration ( seen in report with monument evaluation) The constructive and architectonical degraded elements; 2. The methodology of interference; 3.The techniques of cleaning; 4. The special criterion for dwelling restoration, for the simple fact that all monuments have its history and place in popular dwelling typology, find in most of the cases a common effectuation. So in the same monument can be applied different criterion in different parts of it. Every restoration is a special case.




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