Implementation of Voice Recording Activities in Improving Mandarin Oral Fluency


  • Suo YanJu Department of Major language studies, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)
  • Suo Yan Mei
  • Yuslina Mohamed



Mandarin oral fluency, foreign language learning, voice recording


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of voice recording activities in improve undergraduate language students’ oral fluency in Mandarin as a foreign language. The data collected for this study from 44 year two undergraduate Level three Mandarin learners in semester 1 2016/2017 participated Online questionnaire, and data collected and analyzed according to the attitudes and effectiveness of using voice recording activities in the classroom. The study find out that voice recording activities are effective to help foreign language learners to improve oral fluency. Mandarin language teachers might consider devoting additional attention to Mandarin oral fluency teaching by using new technology like voice recording, whatApp, Wechat help Mandarin learners to improve their Mandarin oral fluency especially for learners who are shy and lack of confidence. It will help learners to improve their foreign language leaning in general.




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YanJu, S., Suo Yan Mei, & Yuslina Mohamed. (2017). Implementation of Voice Recording Activities in Improving Mandarin Oral Fluency. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 3(4), 56–61.