Cuisine and Dishes in Use During the Prophet Muhammed Era (A.D. 569-632)


  • Sevim Demir AKGÜN PhD . Cand. Institute Social Sciences, Sakarya University, Turkey
  • Levent ÖZTÜRK



The Prophet Muhammad, Cuisine, Foods, Dishes, Arabian Kitchen.


Each society has a unique cuisine and taste which has been developed over time. Furthermore, each region and climate offer different options, health and life perception varies in each society. In the Arabian Peninsula where The Prophet Muhammad lived, cuisine was shaped according to the region, climate and life perception according to conditions of the era. Indeed, The Prophet Muhammad was a human being lived in Arabian region. He was in close relation with his own society’s cuisine in terms of personal taste before he conveyed the Islamic religion. Islam as a religion has contributed to daily life of people in terms of different point of views beside perception about world blessings. In this text, variety of foods consumed in Arabian Peninsula, distribution of these according to types and variety of dishes, pots and pans that were used during The Prophet Muhammad era was mentioned. This study aimed to enlighten whether religion has an influence on cuisine and Islamic religion suggests a life devoid of food and drink.




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AKGÜN, S. D., & Levent ÖZTÜRK. (2017). Cuisine and Dishes in Use During the Prophet Muhammed Era (A.D. 569-632). European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 3(4), 81–85.