Film Reception by Means of New Media or How the Film Escaped from the Cinema


  • Gordana Tkalec University North, Department for Journalism
  • Iva Rosanda Žigo
  • Žarka Dolinara



Reception theory, horizon of expectations, film audience, social networks, information and communication technologies


The biggest change in film reception occurred in the moment when the film audience began to watch films over the Internet, or with devices that can connect to it, i.e. computers, laptops and smartphones. The paper redefined notions of contemporary audience and different horizons of expectations, and a new horizon of expectations has been established, and that is the horizon of device expectations. Also, we have redefined the conative function i.e. the empty spaces function, individual and social reception of the film, while the theory of production relations in the case of the production of art has been applied to the film industry. The paper applies to the film received through social networks requirements of all characteristics of new media, which is also a novelty in scientific thinking.




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Tkalec, G., Iva Rosanda Žigo, & Žarka Dolinara. (2017). Film Reception by Means of New Media or How the Film Escaped from the Cinema. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 3(2), 105–111.