Professions Susceptible to Automation; A Study on Automotive Sector Employees


  • Aylin Goztas Full Professor at Ege University



Industry 4.0, Self-Assessment, Automotive Sector


The future of jobs has been a popular issue in the industry 4.0 process and digitization. Many of today's profession groups are at risk with automation in the digitalization process and most will be replaced to computer-based software and robots. By this concept, with Industry 4.0, we come up with whether the jobs are susceptible or non-susceptible to automation. According to researchers, jobs, where more routine and labor-intensive work is done, are categorized as group of jobs prone to automation, on the other hand jobs requiring human skills in which intellectual skills are used intensively, especially those that cannot be done through machines yet are categorized as group of jobs non-susceptible to automation. A recent Forrester Report predicts that by 2021, 6 percent of jobs in the US will be automated. In another study, it is predicted that 47 percent of the professions in the US will be unmanned during the automation process. By this study, a review of the literature on the susceptibility of the various professions to automation will be made and self-assessment of the automotive sector managers in ?zmir and the surrounding areas regarding their future professions will be studied through a descriptive study.




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Fusun, Mehmet, & Goztas, A. (2018). Professions Susceptible to Automation; A Study on Automotive Sector Employees. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4(1), 23–33.