The Structure of Discourse: Visual Semiotic in Picture book of "Creation" by Wolf Erlbruch


  • Masoud Mojaveri Agah PhD in Philosophy of Art, Department of Graphic Design, Shahr-e-Qods Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran , Iran



Illustration, picture book, discourse, visual semiotic


Illustration of children's books, such as the concept of childhood, has been shaped by a wide range of different choices, and each Illustrator finds a way to link and communicate with the text through the discourse device. Discourse means applying the language through individual action, illustration, also depicts the discourse of the work in the type of function and language manifestation; A language that in expression has a function different from that of a particular language which leads to a kind of active search in collective cultural visual memory. Although both the writing material and the image due to the use of the form of expression are text (a system of signifier relationships), their relationship complicates this point of view. Now the Illustrative Objective turn to make choice with a high responsibility. So the major questions are: 1. what is the process of illustrative discourse? 2. What is the design and process of semantic-signs of illustrated books? 3. Is there any certainty in imaging discourse for making meaning? This article sought to understand the shape and process of sign-semantics in illustrating children's books, and found that the relationship between text and image creates a semantic play that does not have semantic certainty, instead, an expert illustrator is trying to effectively shape this relationship to become dynamic. The main purpose of the article is to find the important semantic-sign features in the latent process of making meaning in the illustration, so the formation of semantics is more important as a result of the relationship between text and image. In this article, the spiritual theme of creation in illustrating has been studied in a work of Wolf Erlbruch as a sample of semantic study.




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Agah, M. M. (2018). The Structure of Discourse: Visual Semiotic in Picture book of "Creation" by Wolf Erlbruch. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4(1), 43–48.