Medical Tourism Management Challenges - The Case of Dental Tourism in Albania


  • Olta Nexhipi “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres, Albania



dental tourism, dentistry services, tourism strategy, customer behavior


This study explores the factors that attract clients, Albanian emigrants and foreigners, to profit from dental services in Albania. There are many factors that determine the decision to choose Albanian dental services in Albania and not in their respective residence countries. This paper examines data concerning factors that influence clients’ choice. Additionally, this research provides information about the main tools that dental tourists use to choose whether to have dental services in their respective residence country or in Albania. The factors that have been analyzed are: Quality, Price, Hygiene, Environment, Customer Care, Customer Behavior, Places to visit. Data helps in developing a strategy that attracts foreign customers and Albanian emigrants to benefit from dental services in Albania. Finally this study gives a picture of the actual promotion of dental services and further recommendation in order to attract more customers are provided, taking into consideration that the quality offered is competitive in Balkans.




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Nexhipi, O. (2018). Medical Tourism Management Challenges - The Case of Dental Tourism in Albania. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4(1), 80–86.