Employer Attractiveness to Chinese Potential Employees


  • Yiran Liu Business School, University of Edinburgh




Human resources management, Corporate reputation, Employer attractiveness, Employer branding, Multinational enterprises, Recruitment


Many multinational enterprises (MNE) are struggling with attaining economic revenue by controlling talent shortages in highly competitive emerging economies, such as China. Thus, competition is increasing to seem as an attractive employer by the target employees group. Employer brand building plays an important role for MNEs to attract and retain talents. However, few researches are focus on its effects on Chinese potential applicants’ perceptions. This study aims to label Chinese potential employees' expectancies of future employers. It inquires to what extent employer attractiveness factors (from EmpAt) influence company reputation and intention of job application among Chinese students overseas. It asked Chinese students from three different universities in the UK to access an online survey. The conclusion is based on 300 responses to a hypothetical ideal employer. The conclusions proof that company reputation positively contributes to job applying intentions; also employer attractive factors of non-financial features, such as Interest value and application value have positive contributions to company reputation. Furthermore, some strategic advice is made for companies. The study is original because it focuses on MNEs’ employer branding toward Chinese student and which will be valuable to companies in their upcoming recruitment.




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Liu, Y. (2018). Employer Attractiveness to Chinese Potential Employees. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4(2), 147–155. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejis.v4i2.p147-155