Innovated water-reuse through redistribution schema, benefits and challenges


  • Kostandin Kristo PhD Student, Applied Statistics and Informatics DepartmentUniversity of Tirana, Albania .



reclaimed water , sustainable development , eco-innovation , technological change .


The drought regarding a climate forecast Albanian departments have marked the past three months were the result of winter rainfall that was insufficient for replenishing water tables this year and before . We often say that water shortages are not a threat for our country due to plenty water sources . It's possible to think this when we compare our situation to that in other countries. Still , in some regions the availability of water resources is becoming an urgent problem, even more so if we link this to the different scenarios tied to climate change. Each basin has specificities, but some general evolutions should be planned for ,increase in water demand due to the rise in temperatures , causing an increase in the price of water and usage conflicts , change in the amount of the available water resources , changes in the flow of waterways and the aquifer recharge ,decrease in water quality ( meaning a concentration of pollutants and a weakening in self-purification capacities) rise in nitrates in waterways and in aquifers may occur, as well as increased salinity levels ,increase in the vulnerability of certain ecosystems due to the rise in the risk of erosion, flooding and salting. This paper aims to introduce the benefits and challenges of applying at homes or communal buildings of an Eco-innovation , through developing a new inside distribution of wastewater so that it concludes into sustainable development of inside communal water distribution , therefore recycling inside the house . The main objective of the study is to make evident the cost- efficiency importance of these re-distribution systems , and how they affect improvement in water needs sector , highlighting the deficiencies that cause their not fully-efficient re-use of grey inside water and the positive impact on the potable water saving .




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Kristo, K. (2018). Innovated water-reuse through redistribution schema, benefits and challenges. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4(3), 48–54.