Methodical Practice of Teaching Croatian Language and Literature During the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Mirela Šušić Assist. Prof, PhD, Department of Croatian Studies, University of Zadar, CROATIA



methodical practice, teaching Croatian Language and Literature, distance learning, students, Croatistics


In exceptional circumstances, such as those that have been caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, when schools were closed in order for the protection of human health and teaching were moved to an online environment, the implementation of methodological practice proved to be particularly challenging. Distance learning disabled the usual ways of implementing methodological practice, which automatically encouraged the design and application of new ways and methods of implementation. This allowed the students to realization methodical practice even in extraordinary circumstances, such as those caused by COVID-19. The goal of these new ways and methods, despite the extraordinary circumstances, environment and ways in which teaching is being implemented, is to enable students to acquire the practical knowledge, skills, experience and competencies that are necessary in the teaching profession. The paper deals with the methodical practice of students the Department of Croatistics who have mandatory methodological practice within their university study program of the Croatian Language and Literature at the graduate level. Under normal circumstances, these students, under the guidance of a university professor and a mentor teacher in training schools, implement methodical practice in primary and secondary schools where they get aquainted with the work of teachers and activitely participate in the teaching process. Among other things, the students follow pilot mentoring classes, prepare and conduct classes and actively participate in analyzing the same, which is all part of the methodological practice.




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Šušić, M. (2020). Methodical Practice of Teaching Croatian Language and Literature During the Covid-19 Pandemic. European Journal of Language and Literature, 6(1), 74–89.