Person and Personality – Dichotomy and the Proper Name


  • Tomislav Frleta University of Zadar
  • Zrinka Frleta



dichotomy, binarism, Freud, proper name, person


In this article we will try to show how the binary structure of the novel is also contained in many small elements that can be found throughout the story. The main story line is told in two main parts: Frankenstein’s story and the Creature’s story. We will show how the author uses small dichotomies/binarisms in order to incorporate them in the bigger frame of the divided story. These dichotomies are mostly incorporated in proper names which mainly show the opposite of the character of the person (Victor – the beaten; Felix – the unlucky; Justine – unjustly murdered…).




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Frleta, T., & Zrinka Frleta. (2020). Person and Personality – Dichotomy and the Proper Name. European Journal of Language and Literature, 6(2), 50–65.