Characterization in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


  • Esmeralda Subashi PhD, University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English Language Department



kaleidoscopic characterization, tragic hero, political play, problem play, a tragedy of moral choice, monarchy vs. republic, liberty vs. tyranny.


Julius Caesar, one of Shakespeare finest tragedies, has baffled readers, critics and scholars alike for centuries. It still remains one of the most read plays written by William Shakespeare and it has been part of high school curriculum in many English speaking countries world-wide. One of the most important features of it is the ambiguous and ambivalent portrayal of its characters and this paper endeavors to elaborate on the kaleidoscopic characterization in Julius Caesar by exploring its main characters with a special focus on the two tragic heroes of this play: Caesar and Brutus. Also, the paper will deal with some other important aspects of the play such as its political implications, its characteristics as a problem play and a tragedy of moral choice by building upon a wide corpus of critical criticism on Julius Caesar, and finally it will attempt to work out the play’s relevance to the 21st century readers and audiences.




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Subashi, E. (2020). Characterization in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. European Journal of Language and Literature, 6(2), 66–77.