The Poetry and Prose, as Well as the Impact of Communist Ideology in the Albanian Literature of the ’80


  • Dhurata Lamçja


literature, poetics, prose, ideology, socialist-realism


Albanian literature has come a long way through the many historical events it has passed and managed to survive. One of the harshest periods for Albanian literature, has not come as a consequence of external invasion, but from within. The communist dictatorship in Albania, which started in the remains of the Second World War, and lasted up until 1991, besides controlling the politics, foreign relationships, economy and social structures, used art and in particular literature as a weapon to demolish free thought and enforce its ideology through the canonized structures and cliches, such as the martyrdom. This led the Albanian authors to find new ways hidden inside literary figures, which they mastered, to spread their message and express their true thoughts and feelings beyond the censorship, and trained the readers to read through and understand the intentions of the authors.