Approaches Using Social Media Platforms for Teaching English Literature Online


  • Azadeh Mehrpouyan Assistant Professor, Department of English Literature, Velayat University, Iranshahr, Iran


Online Teaching, Teaching Strategies, Social Media Platform, Teaching English Literature


In the modern era of globalization, language and literature learning and comparative literary competencies are inextricably intertwined. Online learning and teaching, and telecollaboration are a great benefit to literature students who do not have face-to-face intercultural opportunities with members of diverse languages, literature, and cultures. Even, online teaching and learning make academics borderless and remove walls. The present study explores principles and new strategies for teaching English literature online. This article addresses how to adopt literary lesson plans for different types of learners, set clear expectations with students, and build rapport and community with students in teaching literature online. This research discusses the right EdTech tools and curricula support and investigates the way to use social media platforms e.g. YouTube as supplementary sources in e-teaching and e-learning for literary content. The results show that online pedagogies can develop Literature educators and students' skills and promote their literary knowledge along with converting a Web-primarily based totally environment into a social network with social media platforms crossing teach, learn and lands, inaccessible areas, and those who have limited instructive supports and facilities for creating equal opportunities.