The Use of Dictogloss Technique in Teaching Grammar Through Writing


  • Syzana Kurtaj State University of Tetova, North Macedonia


Dictogloss, cooperative learning, active learning, text reconstruction


This research paper deals with how dictogloss technique and cooperative listening can be combined to promote the development of listening, writing and speaking skills of a second language learners. Data has been collected data from students’ of the 10th grade, who study in the Pre-university School ‘Luciano Motroni’ in Prizren. This research, include 80 students from them 33 boys and 47 girls. These students were chosen because they had mixed proficiency in English and they were more compatible with joining in listening, writing, reading and grammar. The methodology I used to conduct this research paper, include the dictogloss technique and means of comparative and analytical methods. The results have shown that the use of dictogloss technique in teaching grammar through writing is an effective and useful way to improve the students’ grammar.