The Importance of Four Skills Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening in a Lesson Hour


  • Lorena Manaj Sadiku Aleksander Xhuvani University Elbasan Albania



Reading, writing, listening, speaking


Teaching and learning are two basic processes underlying the activity of students and teachers nowadays. Learning process puts both parties toward each other , what it teaches , and what it takes, the teacher and the student. Today takes great importance to the training of students to teach themselves , their education, equipping them with the skills of independent work with the most advanced methods of learning conscious , sustainable , active and creative. The purpose of this topic is to know the importance of usage of all skills during a lesson hour. The teacher is free to use a variety of methods and strategies of teaching / learning to suit the needs of students in different classes. He combines these methods during the learning process and adapts according to the increasing development of linguistic competence and independence of student development, the consistency of this process. Teaching has at its center the method of communication, task -based methods, functional methods and situations as real life etc . These methods are realized through various strategies and techniques, according to language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) . Teacher and students collaborate on the organization of teaching / learning. To facilitate the teaching / learning, the teacher finds efficient ways to organize communication activities , provides and suggests source materials for students. In contemporary teaching teacher does not only play the role of teachers, but also plays the role of supervisor. Together they establish cooperative relations in the process of learning . The teacher clarifies the students and takes their understanding of what happens in the classroom. This means clarifying the rules of the line of work and responsibilities of students in the process of activities. The teacher suggests and provides the use of audiovisual means , electronic , and helps students to use various forms of information technology within and outside the classroom . It gives students the website in accordance with the age and educational requirements . On a teaching hour should be applied all four language skills strategies , but they escalate from level to level depending on the objectives . Setting the students in the spotlight makes the student actively participate in linguistic interaction , preparing it for a new phase of his education or of being able to face the demands of the labor market.




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