Note about Locutions Nominative in Albanian Language


  • Haredin Xhaferi University "Alexander Moisiu", Durres, Albania



idiom, phrase stable, terminological phrase, phrase not terminologies, structure, limb, semantic value, meaningful words, words not meaningful


The object of this article is to describe the locutions worth the name. These locutions not treated in separate studies. It is characteristic that many of them have no words synonymous. They have the phrase structure and express a single concept. This group consists of stable terminology compound words and compound words non terminology. Nomination terminology compound words are formed on a single holistic concept. Unit lexicon - semantic constituent elements is their common feature. Nomination stable compound words are formed from two or more words. Compound words consisting of two elements have the facility two names or a name and a surname. These compound words are not simple names. The designations made by similarity tend to switch to a single word. Their form right is named second in the form of outstanding free. The process of transition to a question set according to their names, composition, content, consent, damage, connotation is the later. Regular forms of these compound words is the name of the second non ablative outstanding. Compound words formed by a name and a surname are used to sense directly or figurative sense. Compound words formed by more than two words have the structure only comes with complete understanding or words with full understanding and sense incomplete. They are few, but are diversified by their structure and value. Locutions name value are many and various.




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