An Overview on Adverbial Locutions More Words in Albanian Language


  • Haredin Xhaferi University "Alexander Moisiu", Durres, Albania



phrase, adverb, structure, element, meaningful words, words not meaningful, value semantics, semantic relationships


The object of this article is to describe the formation of locutions formed by many words, noting the value of their semantics. This group locutions is not large, however, they show great interest for structural and semantic diversity. These locutions are treated in grammar and different studies not as a separate group and not in detail. In the article they will be treated according to the elements that make up their structure. These elements are words with features lexicon - grammar different and have different degrees of stability. The use ratio of meaningful words, words not meaningful in these structures is different. Largest number consists locutions that are formed from equal number of words of the two groups. Meaningful words these locutions are names, adverbs and numerals rare; not meaningful words are the conjunction, preposition or particles. They can stand before a meaningful word or in between them. Meaningful words are reports of equality between them. Locutions having the structure unequal number of words meaningful and non-meaningful words are scarce. Among the meaningful words of this type locutions reports are mixed. The first two elements are scoring words about addiction.




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Xhaferi, H. (2015). An Overview on Adverbial Locutions More Words in Albanian Language. European Journal of Language and Literature, 1(1), 75–80.