The Techniques Used for Reading Comprehension Instruction, Case Study Albania.


  • Irena Shehu European University of Tirana, ALBANIA



Reading, comprehension, techniques, ways, improve


Reading Comprehension is a crucial component of second language acquisition. As a core part of language learning it is, obviously, not an effortless process. Students often complain of not understanding a text, therefore they fail in answering to the comprehensive questions. Unfortunately, this is a reality evidenced and proven from unsatisfactory results of students in English Language Matura Exam in Albanian high schools, as these students have been the objective of this study. In this context, one certainly may ask for kinds of techniques used to teach Reading Comprehension. Thus the research questions used in this study are: 1. Are there used the right techniques to teach Reading Comprehension in Albanian high schools? 2. Which are the theories and best techniques of Reading Comprehension recommended for every teacher to use in his classroom? Concerning the first questions we can give an answer with the help of the questionnaires. Actually there a lot of theories and studies related to this topic which will be used as an important source. It is necessary to mention some of them like: Manyak and Bayer,Mckeown others from National Reading Pannel, because their studies will serve as a very important mean to answer the second question.The last but not the least focus is the questionnaires as their results are good detectors of techniques and way used in Reading Comprehension classes, in Albania. This would direct us to a proper strategy for problem solving and improving the situation. In this way the methodology used is in the form of questionnaires which were submitted to students from three different high schools in Albania and filled by around 200 students.




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