Relationships in Anglo-Saxon, Balkan Ballads and Epic Songs


  • Danela Bala Kraja University of Shkodër Albania



ballads, relationships, parents, daughters, epic songs


This article aims to point out the diverse relationships that are to be found in Anglo- Saxon and Balkan ballads and epic songs. There were different kinds of relationships such as human and non- human relationships. The most important relationships were those familial ones because family stands as the most important part of the society. In many cases relationships cannot stand and cannot be treated alone because they are interconnected with other ones. In that time the mentality and behaviour were not the same with the ones we have nowadays as there were restrictions and unwritten laws and people were following them but as always happens they were not always going to be strictly followed and that generated conflicts and reactions. There are made different researches and parallels to understand how different peoples may react in different relationships. They had a real great and powerful significance and value on people and their connections and were an important factor on determining people’s behaviour, on stabilizing the tranquillity and peace of their families, societies and countries.