Relationship Between the Socio Education Factors to English Language Learning in Albania High Schools and Pupil’s Final Grades in English Course


  • Valbona Softa University of Tirana: Faculty of Social sciences



Attitude Motivation Test Battery, Socioeducative Model for foreign Languages, high school pupils, final grades in English, anxiety in foreign languages, integrative language role, instrumental orientation, parental support to learn foreign language.


This paper aimed to study the relationship between the socioeducative factors from Attitude Motivation Test Battery, (AMTB, Gardner R.C. 2004) for learning English as a foreign language in high schools in Albania and the pupils` achievement, the final grades in English course. The study found that the correlation with Spearman Rho coefficient was significant at p"smaller than".05 and the grades in English course were moderately related with four variables: first, the integrative language role r=.404, p"smaller than"0.001, second, motivation r=.361, p"smaller than"0.001, third, parental support r=.313, p=0.001, and fourth, instrumental language orientation r=.305, p"smaller than"0.001. It was found a smaller correlation value between grades and pupils’ attitudes towards the English learning context at the value: r=.164, p"smaller than"0.001. A small negative, but significant correlation was found between pupils` anxiety to learn the language and the grades in English course: r=-.130, p"smaller than"0.001.