The Grammar Odyssey


  • Lilly Metom Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sarawak Campus, Malaysia



English language learning, grammar, board game, adult learners


This paper presents a study of an innovation project titled ‘The Grammar Odyssey’, which is a language board game that is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate levels of learners. The board game is a handy device for learning the English grammar items, which integrates fun, simplicity and practicality in order to motivate players to learn grammar. Having mentioned this, learning the English grammar items does not stop at the classroom environment. In fact, language acquisition continues to adulthood even after years of leaving the school, college or institution. Hence, the sample of this research encompassed 22 adult staff members aged 28-57 years old from various administrative and support departments at Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak, Malaysia. This research aimed to identify their acceptance and feedback towards the learning of grammar items through the use of the language board game. Based on the survey conducted on the staff’s feedback after playing the board game, a huge majority of the participants responded positively to the board game, stating that it was a useful, practical and fun tool for learning the English grammar. Thus, using the right approach to learn grammar is essential to help learners of all ages and levels acquire the skills effectively.