Causative Sentence Characteristic’s Based on Its Semantic-Structure


  • Fabiana Velencia “Aleksander Xhuvani” University, Albania



causative connectors, Albanian language, types, characteristics.


The paper discuses the basic characteristics of the causative connectors based on the Albanian scholars. The Albania scholar Floqi has divided in seven types the causative sentence characteristic’s based on its semantic-structure: a) direct causative sentences; b) argumentative causative sentences of conclusion; c) argumentative causative sentences of order; d) causative sentences of conditional saying; e) additional and middle causative sentences; f) evaluative causative sentences; g) feelings (emotional) causative sentences. The causative sentences are grouped based on the connector that connects the two sentences, one of the sentences is the main one and the other is the subordinate one. 1- Causal sentences linked with the connector se (that, but) 2- Causal connectors pse (wherefore) less used nowadays 3- The causal connector që (that) can be substituted with se (that) 4- The causal connector sepse (because) can give all the nuances of the cause 5- The connectors: se, sepse, që (that, because, that…) in the spoken language are parallel. The second part of the article analyses the type of the given connectors taken in an artistic book.