Direct Method for teaching Arabic language in Tongxin Arabic college of Ningxia in China


  • Ma Xuan Sultan Idris education university laysia
  • Suo Yan Mei



word: Direct method,Teaching, Arabic language.


It is known that teaching methods are very important in the teaching foreign languages. This research aims to explain the direct teaching method for Arabic language in Tongxin Ningxia in China, and how to implement it and the problems encountered by the Arabic teachers during the teaching. The researcher used the inductive method to explore various ways of teaching Arabic language and adopted the historical approach to uncover the historical development and development of this college, as well as teaching the Arabic language in it. And the field approach to highlight the problems faced by teachers of Arabic language and students in the teaching and study of Arabic language at the Faculty of Arabic Language in Tongxin on the method of observations and interview. The researchers also used the descriptive approach in the collection of information related to it, as well as the analytical approach to obtain the results of the effectiveness of direct teaching methods using by questionnaire. The researcher selected 100 students and 10 teachers from this college. The data were analyzed using spss program. And Statistical processing was performed using the frequency distribution and percentage. The results of the research show that even though methods of teaching Arabic are multiple, there is no typical way in teaching, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. But according the result, the majorly of students and teachers found that direct teaching method is highly encourage to be implement during Arabic class.Keyword: Direct method?Teaching, Arabic language.




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Xuan, M., & Suo Yan Mei. (2018). Direct Method for teaching Arabic language in Tongxin Arabic college of Ningxia in China. European Journal of Language and Literature, 4(2), 52–59.