Implementing the Core Curriculum of English Language in Preparatory Classes in Gjakova


  • Sindorela Doli Kryeziu Prof. Ass. Dr., University of Gjakova, Faculty of Education, Professor of Albanian language, Kosovo



preparatory classes, standard language, English language, core curriculum, psycholinguistic perspective etc.


Pre-school education represents the first level of education whereby children are educated in their families or in pre-school institutions (age 0-3 and age 3-6) or preparatory classes (age 5-6). First of all, there are dialectal differences from their everyday language, from low variety to high variety that implies the standard of Albanian language. It is understood that through communication children's development can be stimulated, encouraged and accelerated through the appropriate techniques used by the teacher. The number of English language speakers is increasing every day by reinforcing its geographic position as one of the most spoken languages around the world. In the same rate, it is noted that the number of institutions providing English language teaching as a foreign language is increased. According to the Core Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kosovo, it is envisaged to necessarily have classes of English language learning for elementary communication in preparatory classes (age 5-6 years). Linguists define the language in different ways, the first thing that comes to mind is that through communication start all the development processes of the human being. Apart from linguistic communication an inalienable element is also the psychological one. Given that Psycholinguistics is a scientific discipline between linguistics and psychology, this paper is carried out by treating the standard Albanian from the psycholinguistic perspective. The purpose of this research is to get acquainted with the level of standard language learning at pre-school children, and how the English language influences this age.




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Kryeziu, S. D. (2019). Implementing the Core Curriculum of English Language in Preparatory Classes in Gjakova. European Journal of Language and Literature, 5(1), 6–14.