Language Development Through Drama in Preschoolers


  • Sindorela Doli Kryeziu Prof. Ass. Dr., University of Gjakova, Faculty of Education, Professor of Albanian language, Kosovo



developing fields development areas, education, pre-school education, encouragement and promotion.


The child develops as a whole, in all developmental areas. The overestimation or underestimation of any field is a mistake because the child does not develop once in the physical aspect, then emotional, intellectual, and so on. Therefore, the division between the fields is also largely formal. Just as the child's development is thorough, specific areas of development must also be seen as part of a whole, the effectiveness of which depends largely on the level of integration between them. One of the most important infrastructures of today's society of information is education, the main purpose of which is the preparation of creative and innovative people. Education has developed an integrated approach to early childhood education, which naturally combines the process of education, health care, education, child play, artistic education and professional care to their development. In this context, important steps were taken regarding preschool education such as in designing methods for pre-school education, drafting general standards of pre-school education and pre-school curricula / preparatory classes. In order to have a genuine linguistic development an important step is artistic education, which includes a wide range of activities. In this field are summarized all the activities that enable the child to communicate through visual presentation, musical sound, dramatic expression, audiovisual means, etc. Artistic education introduces children with elements of art, entertains and offers them opportunities to develop artistic "gift". Fields of art, which traditionally take place in the activities of preparatory classes, are music, applied art, graphics and drawing. An important place in artistic education has won the theater activity and mass media. Therefore, we will deal in our paper with their language development through drama.




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