A Neologism: Translation and/or Adaptation


  • Tomislav Frleta University of Zadar, Croatia
  • Zrinka Frleta




translation, neologism, meaning, adaptation, English, French, Croatian, Harry Potter


This article deals with neologisms, the way they are created (their etymology), their function in the text, as well as the way how they are translated and adapted from English into French and Croatian. It will show what are the motifs for some translations (Is it a pure semantic transfer or the text and context have their role too?). Furthermore, we will analyse the main techniques/ways of creating the new words and try to answer the question what purpose they are created with for the whole text. At the end, we will give some examples of a good translation which goes beyond the word or the situation and show how the translator influences the reading of the book.




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A Neologism: Translation and/or Adaptation. (2019). European Journal of Language and Literature, 5(3), 21-30. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejls.v5i3.p42-51