Argument Structure of the Verb in Albanian Linguistic


  • Pranvera Osmani Assistant of lingusitics, Faculty of Philology, University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”, Kosovo



argument structure, argument, adjunct, Albanian syntax


In this paper we attempt to address the argumentative structure of the verb in Albanian language. It is an almost common opinion that in the syntactic studies of Albanian language the way how they deal with phenomena, conceptions, ideas are logical. The verb forms the nucleus (core) of the sentence. It assigns to other components of the syntagm the semantic roles they will carry and their structure. In generative linguistics the necessary ingredients are called arguments, while the non-essentials are called adjuncts. As a corpus we will have the treatment of various authors on this issue, the most representative of Albanian language grammar. Different views of Albanian scholars are presented in this issue in the Albanian syntax.




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Osmani, P. (2019). Argument Structure of the Verb in Albanian Linguistic. European Journal of Language and Literature, 5(3), 31–34.