Experience and Teaching at Polytechnic University of Tirana


  • Fatmir Vrapi Prof.Asc. , Polytechnic University, Centre of Foreign Languages, Tirana, Albania




needs, requirements, curricula, competences, linguistic skills


This paper is based on treating several issues related to observing proficiency of English Language for Specific Purposes at Polytechnic University. It presents the findings and analysis on how English for Engineering and Technology Students can be taught so that to develop not only language proficiency, but also technical skills and competences. The research provides certain answers to some of the relevant questions: How can they acquire their knowledge and skills for their future work? Do students have the required professional competences for the market? Do the programmes and content of the curricula meet the standards and requirements of the development for the new on-going technology? The research aims to differentiate between these potential determinants by asking respondents on their needs in order to link the findings to technological specifics and impact within ESP education. The research concludes, into some recommendations linked with implementation of the principles on ESP competence and skills at the Polytechnic University for further improving teaching methods, materials and techniques in order to develop the professional competences in parallel with linguistic and technical skills.




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