The Novel in Lesson Hours (Classrooms)


  • Gentiana Muhaxhiri MSc. Assistant of Albanian literature at “University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” (PhD . Cand idate)
  • Sindorela Doli-Kryeziu
  • Venera Muhaxhiri MSc



Novel, the lesson hour, reading, reception


The novel as a complex fictitious form in which is projected the life totality has begun to lose new readers, with special emphasis on pre-university level. This study, through a survey conducted in the schools of the Republic of Kosovo, aims to show why and to what extent this phenomenon is manifested at the aforementioned level; How much and what is read; how is read. The recognition of new reader- novel reports, namely the recognition of the practical situation, becomes into the function of the possible solution of this problem that increases its magnitude day by day.




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Muhaxhiri, G., Sindorela Doli-Kryeziu, & Venera Muhaxhiri MSc. (2017). The Novel in Lesson Hours (Classrooms). European Journal of Language and Literature, 3(3), 7–9.