The Search of the Absolute in Lucian Blaga’s Poetry


  • Mădălina Deaconu PhD Titu Maiorescu University, Romania



The Search of the Absolute in Lucian Blaga’s Poetry


The present paper aims at giving a brief insight into the poetry of one of the most important Romanian poet, Lucian Blaga, representative of modernism, focusing on the search of the Absolute from the linguistic point of view. Mention should be made of the fact that the metaphors of the Absolute are analysed both from a traditional point of view as well as from a more recent one – cognitivism. Reference is made only to those poems that are more suggestive in this respect. When analysing Lucian Blaga’s metaphors, it is compulsory to take his philosophical construction as a starting point. Ample and complex, it aims at presenting Blaga’s views on the creation of world, knowledge, history and culture. As everything is closely intertwined, it is essential to mention at least some of the main ideas of his philosophical work in connection to our subject.