Technical Terms Generated upon Meaning of Words Indicating Kitchenware or Utensils


  • Gani Pllana University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina" Pristina, Republic of KosovoFaculty of Mechanical Engineering



common words, technical terms, kitchen appliances, terminology.


The process of generating the general lexicon into terms, also named process of terminology, relates to the semantic source of the word. This process enriches terminology not only on the level of the form, by embedding in a specified terminological system, but, mainly in that of the content/substance, supplementing it with concepts that maintain links with its base meaning (with the general language). The word thus appears as a bridge between the general and the terminological lexicon, such as: knife, sieve (common words) and terms: knife1 (filet carver) (mechanic); knife2 (engraver) (mechanic); sieve1 (vibratory) (construction, mechanic), sieve2 (mortar) (construction). Terminology as a special lexical subsystem in itself enters into a relationship with the layers of the general language lexicon and exchanges with them, by borrowing some of them and by utilizing it for its needs. This lexicon, deriving from outside of the terminology, consists of lexical units that enter into it in an invariable form, but with modified content; by meeting the needs of the terminological systems with terms. In this paper, we present groups of terms formed on the basis of the meanings of common words, presented in the 1980 Glossary and related to different elements of ordinary life, such as tools and kitchen appliances.




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Sadete, & Pllana, G. (2017). Technical Terms Generated upon Meaning of Words Indicating Kitchenware or Utensils. European Journal of Language and Literature, 3(3), 90–95.