A Number of Roots Found in the First Periods of Language Establishment and their Manifestation in the Languages of Other Systems


  • Kubra Guliyeva Azerbaijan State University of Economics




first establishment period of languages, languages of other systems, similar word- base, Turkic languages, Indo-European languages


Turkic languages are of the distinguished languages in the world by the vocabulary richness. In these languages, the words and terms related to almost all areas of life and household are found; and the borrowed words have been included in the lexical fund of the Turkish languages only in order to enrich the language and to increase its synonyms. However, there exist such words in our language, that they have been accepted as the product of any foreign language, or presented as a lexical unit belonging to only one language in the case of belonging to many languages of the world. These include the roots such as pa-, ter- _ der-, id- _ iz.