Reading in Space: An Exemplary Case of Continuity in the Contemporary Albanian Literature


  • Ermir Xhindi Albania



Albanian prose, Eco-Fish hybrid model, reading in space, structural meaning.


The aim of our work was the discovery of a reading dimension in the contemporary Albanian literature, respectively in the Albanian post soc-realist prose, which is not merely a structural tool for the construction of the text and its meaning, but a condition for identifying the literary process in its continuity. We are based on the implications of the implementation of a hybrid Eco (Umberto) - Fish (Stanley) model as a time content in its core, in relation to the notion of intertextuality proposed by Julia Kristeva and used by us as reading in space, during the study on the process of overcoming socialist realism in the early 90s in the Albanian literature through the texts of Fatos Kongoli, an eminent Albanian author. The role of the traditional reading community has been proved as determinant for the sustainability of the process and the building of new structural and meaning equilibriums.