Morphological Adaptation of Anglicisms in the Albanian Press


  • Irena Pata Kapo University Of Tirana



morphology, adaptation, Anglicisms


The flux of Anglicisms in Albanian language is a phenomenon of the last two decades. Similarly to many other European languages Albanian has been under the influence of English language for some time now and in a wide range of areas of life, study, etc. This paper, which is only a part of the author’s research study of Anglicisms’ ‘behavior’ in Albanian, aims at analyzing the morphological adaptation of English loan words in Albanian; their grammatical categories, how they adapt to Albanian grammatical system and the changes they go through in order to ‘survive’ permanently, stay and be used temporarily by Albanian speakers or leave the Albanian lexis, due to their equivalents already existing in Albanian or to the high level resistance Albanian language poses to them. This analysis is performed referring to the counterpart categories of these loans in Albanian, thus adaptation of nouns and how does their declension, gender and number fit within the noun category in Albanian, adaptation of adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc.; a part of this paper analysis are also the acronyms borrowed directly from English, compounds as well as some forms of word formation under the influence of English language.




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Kapo, I. P. (2017). Morphological Adaptation of Anglicisms in the Albanian Press. European Journal of Language and Literature, 3(3), 143–154.